10 facts you didn’t know about these Oscar-winning films


Who doesn't want to know what goes on behind the scenes in some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters? We've rounded up some our favourite Best Picture winners and shared a little insider info on these box office smashes. Read on to broaden your pub quiz knowledge!

Titanic 1997
Upon learning that she would be filming a nude scene with Leo, Kate decided to break the ice at their first meeting by flashing him. Kate's some woman for one woman, right?

Crash 2004
When you think of this highly acclaimed film, you're sure to remember Sandra Bullock's performance, right? Might come as a surprise to learn that the actress has less than six minutes of actual screen-time!

Million Dollar Baby 2004
Hilary Swank gained almost 20 lbs of muscle while preparing for her role as professional boxer, Maggie Fitzgerald.

12 Years a Slave 2012
We can thank Steve McQueen's daughter for Sarah Paulson's portrayal of Mistress Epps. She saw footage of the audition tape, found her really frightening and convinced her dad that Sarah was the woman for the gig.

American Beauty 1999
You know when Lester is stoned in his car and singing to American Woman? None of that was scripted. The gifted actor improvised the entire thing.

The Departed 2006
Mark Wahlberg's based his entire performance as Det. Sgt Dignam in this crime thriller on the dozen of police officers who arrested him throughout his adolescence.

Forrest Gump 1994
Tom Hanks wasn't actually paid for his performance in this much-loved film! He did, however, take percentage points so he came away with $40 million dollars in the end. Well, he earned it!

Argo 2012
Director Ben Affleck suggested that to ensure an authentic performance, the actors playing the embassy refugees should live together for a week in a 1970's themed house. He wanted them to get used to each other and the era in which the film was set.

A Beautiful Mind 2001
Remember the scene where John Nash, played by Russell Crowe, deliberates over drinking tea for what seems like an eternity? This was based on a meeting between the real-life John Nash and Russell, where John contemplated whether to choose tea or coffee for over fifteen minutes.

The Hurt Locker 2008
This 2008 hit was the first female-directed film in the history of the awards to win Best Picture. Big up, Kathryn Bigelow!