10 essential items you need to bring camping


Camping is so much fun, seriously! If you have never done it, it should definitely be on your to do list. Yes, at times it can be cold and more than likely it will rain but there is something about sleeping out under the stars.

Checklist time:

Sleeping bag
Do not, we repeat do not, attempt to go camping without one. No matter how much you may hate sleeping in them a giant duvet won’t keep you warm.

Well, if you forget this, you should probably either head home now or brace yourself for the elements!

Lots of spare batteries
The last thing you want is for the batteries in your torch to die – it can get pretty dark out there.

Unless you plan on making fire Bear Grylls style we suggest you bring a lighter.

First aid kit
No doubt there will be a few mishaps, so make sure you pop a first aid kit into your bag.

Insect repellent
You will need this – don’t attempt to think you won’t.

Camping stove and kettle
Because your craving for tea won’t disappear because you are roughing it.

Baby wipes
There won’t be a shower for miles so this may be your only way to clean yourself.

See above. You don’t want people to think of you as the smelly one, do you?

Dry shampoo
Even though you are in the wild it doesn’t mean you have to let your appearance go.