10 amazing outfits from Taylor Swift’s music videos


Taylor Swift’s newest single Shake It Off was released last night, and though there’s already been some controversy online, we had a great little bop around to it in the SHEmazing! offices today.

The singer showcases loads of outfits in the new vid, and it’s not the first time she’s gone costume-crazy for a new single. We thought it was high time we took a look back at some of Tay’s best outfits from videos gone by, starting with a few from her newest offering:

1. Ballet chic in Shake It Off
Taylor rocks a Black Swan-esque look for one of the first outfits in the new video – though the moves are a little sexier than what you’d expect in your standard ballet class. We love the feathered tutu and slicked-back hair.

2. Sleek monochrome in Shake It Off
This look is the most wearable one in the video, for sure. A cropped blonde bob, red lips and an all-black outfit make for a gorgeous look on Taylor. Very sexy!

3. Gymnast with added glitter in Shake It Off
The purple and white sparkly dress is not one we’d choose ourselves, but Taylor wears it well… and adds some weird ribbon-dancing moves.

4. Slogan tee in 22
We love this look. The cool tee, black shorts and heart-shaped sunnies make a great summer outfit that we’d be totally at home in ourselves. As for the megaphone, well, why not? It was her birthday party, after all.

5. Sexy sequins in 22
Well, what’s a birthday party without a night out? Taylor goes all sultry in metallic and charcoal tones at the end of the 22 vid. She adds a little bit of Taylor-ness to the outfit, though, with a pair of cute cat ears.

6. Floaty summer style in Begin Again
This beautiful lilac dress looks stunning on Taylor – we hope she took it home when filming was over. The way the wind catches the fabric makes for an amazing shot here too.

7. Alt rocker in You Belong With Me
Okay, this might not be the most stylish outfit choice for Taylor, but we’ve always loved how willing the singer is to poke fun at herself. This look brings back memories of our secondary school years… though we like to think that our hair looked slightly better, at least.

8. Platinum and pastels in Our Song
This video was one of Taylor’s earlier releases. We have major envy for that pink phone! Platinum blonde hair is an unusual choice for the singer but she pulls it off.

9. Simple stripes in Last Time
Taylor’s outfit is classy and understated for this duet video with Gary Lightbody. The black and white striped tee is complemented perfectly by those high-waisted red shorts. We’d happily wear this on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

10. Circus master in Red
In the video for Red, filmed during the tour of the same name, Taylor blows all other outfits out of the park with this INCREDIBLE circus-themed outfit. We want this for our next fancy dress party!