Yvonne Keating opens up about Ronan’s cheating


Yvonne Keating has revealed that she will never be able to trust a man again after Ronan cheated on her.

The former model, who is now is a relationship with film maker John Conroy said in a recent interview: “I don’t look at men and go, ‘Oh, you’re all like that.’ I absolutely don’t at all, because woman can do it as well. So I am not cynical like that.

“Do I trust again? Mmmm. I suppose I don’t, but I don’t get hung up on it.

“I kind of think: if I was in a relationship and someone cheated on me, well, that is going to happen whether… you know, I can’t do anything about that. So all you can try and do is enjoy the relationship for what is it.”

Yvonne admitted that while she went to couple’s counselling with her ex-husband, she wishes he’d just told her he wanted out.

“I think there was too much for him to lose.

“It is not easy to break something and hurt somebody.

“So, I suppose, some people, when they are in that situation, go, ‘I’ll just say nothing.’

“I don’t think I’ll ever put myself in a situation again where I am in a relationship where it’s not easy for someone to go.”