“You make me feel sick. In a good way.”

Do you want to brighten someone’s day, but are bad with words? Are you trying to suck up to your boss, but can’t think of anything nice thing to say? We have the solution!

innocent has launched Pass It On; a website that generates a personalised compliment at the touch of a button.

It was created to put smiles on faces during the dreary, grey month of January and spread joy during the rest of the year.

Compliments range from “all future wigs should be modelled on your hair” to “you smell nicer than a Sunday roast” – not creepy at all! They are guaranteed to make a person laugh nervously at the very least.

Pass It On is part of innocent’s campaign to start a ‘chain of good’. The brand gives 10% of its profits to charity, which means you can help other people by doing something as small as buying a smoothie.

Log on to Pass It On now to start spreading smiles and tweet some compliments to your friends.