Worst Valentine’s Day gifts we can imagine


To give these to someone would be so, so bad. Especially the last one. Or the first one. Actually, all of them.

1. Run Fat Bitch Run
Or any other weight loss book will result in scratches and bite marks (in a bad way).

run fat

2. Any kitchen appliance.
Except maybe a Vitamix, we could forgive a Vitamix.

kitchen appliances

3. Ped Egg.
Do we even need to explain?

ped egg

4. A tooth on a necklace.
We will not react the way Hanna did when Adam gave her his baby tooth on a necklace. Bleurgh.

adam hanna

5. Any type of hair removal apparel
What, we aren’t smoooooth enough for you? It’s cold out there and tights are not thick enough to keep our knees warm!