Woman is suing Disney for basing Frozen on her life?!


Well, this is a little bizarre. 

We understand why someone might think a film was based on their life if it was, say, a rom-com or a drama. But we can’t quite grasp how someone would think that a movie about a magical princess and a talking snowman was in fact about them?!

A Peruvian woman named Isabella Tanikumi is suing Disney to the tune of $250 million (€196.5m) for stealing her life story when creating the plot of their blockbuster musical Frozen. Again… magical princess… talking snowman?!

According to the three-page Federal complaint, Isabella believes that Disney used her 2010 autobiography Living My Truth as the inspiration for Elsa and Anna’s story.

Isabella’s book tells the story of her life growing up in Peru’s Andean mountains. She claims that Disney stole elements of the story, characters and plot when writing the script for Frozen, and she wants a trial by jury to settle the matter.

Disney have long insisted that Frozen was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Snow Queen,” which seems far more likely to us!