Who is Blac Chyna and why is she everywhere?

When you search the phrase ‘who is Blac Chyna?’ there are over 5 million results in 0.5 seconds. Not surprising is that the best way to explain who the Washington born 27-year-old is through her ongoing feud with the teenage Kylie Jenner. Among other things, Blac Chyna is practically a professional at throwing shade.

Blac and Kylie have been passive aggressively arguing with each other over social media for months. It seemed to reach a breaking point when Blac posted a photo where she displayed some outrageously enlarged lips. Apparently it was a dig at the reality TV star’s plumped up pout which she was shamelessly promoting on her Instagram account.

We know, it’s confusing, there’s an awful lot of K-names to sort through in this messy love triangle.. So, in an effort to help everyone on this side of the Atlantic become more familiar with the name popping up all over out social media feeds, we’ve gathered together some important information on the model/mom/video girl/entrepreneur. She’s got a lot going on!

  1. Her love life

The thing that started it all. Blac famously dated Tyga from 2011 to 2014 and the two have a son named King Cairo Stevenson. Note; Kylie changed her name on Instagram to King Kylie, a supposed dig at Blac. Tyga and Blac were engaged in 2012 but broke-up in 2014. As of now Blac is supposedly dating J’eon Love. He’s a boxer, FYI, and he loves to Facetime.


  1. That celebrity feud

There’s new reports surrounding Blac and Chyna’s feud with Kylie almost daily. But how did it all start you ask? Quite simply, before to her feud with Kylie Blac was in fact besties with Kim K herself. When Blac and Tyga were together she was introduced to Kim through Kanye West, who is friends with Tyga. She wasn’t wild about her ex-fiancé hanging out with her BFFs teenage sister Kylie. When it appeared Kylie and Tyga were dating, a serious war of shade throwing emerged on social media. Blac is also not so wild about Kylie spending time with her and Tyga’s son, King. So, Blac is decidedly not going to be attending Kim’s next babyshower then. No more Instagram selfies of the two and their famous rearends then? We're devastated.



  1. What does she do?

Besides spending a lot of time on Instagram, Blac has also styled herself as a business woman. She has an online clothing boutique called 88 FIN, a brand of fake eyelashes and she opened a Lashed Bar in L.A in 2014. She’s also appeared in music videos for Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Tyga himself. She’s also been on the cover of Dimepiece. Not only that, she’s a graduate of the JLS Professional Make Up Artist School. She keeps herself busy!


  1. Her squad

Obviously Kim Kardashian is no longer included. But Blac is best known for her friendship with Nicki Minaj. However, the rumours are circulating that the friendship isn’t all that genuine with Nicki cosying up to Blac in an efforts to bother Tyga. Nicki has apparently also thrown some digs at the rappers relationship with the not yet legal Jenner. Well, they have at least one thing in common then.