Which Mean Girls’ star is totally up for a reunion?

Great news for Mean Girls’ fans out there, as Amanda Seyfried said she would be totally up for a reunion film.

Amanda became famous as a result of the teen comedy classic, where she played Plastics clique member, Karen Smith.

Karen was the ditzy member of the popular clique and in the film she thought she was able to predict the weather, using her boobs.

Amanda admitted she would love to have a reunion with her fellow Mean Girls’ stars, but isn’t sure how it would work out.

“I can’t imagine it working out but it would be nice. I mean, I’d love to do that but I know everybody is kinda busy.”

But the star admits even 10 years on, she still gets asked by fans about her character’s famous weatherwoman boobs: “People ask me to tell them what the weather is going to be like, they just want me to touch my boobs – and that’s fine!”

But a reunion film doesn’t look likely as Mean Girls’ creator, Tina Fey said at the beginning of the year there was no sequel in the works. Well, we can still dream.