Which Game of Thrones star is ‘glad’ about a certain death on the show?


If you haven’t watched the second episode of season four its best you stop reading now, as former Game of Thrones’ star, Sean Bean has shared his thoughts on a certain scene.

Sean Bean who famously played Ned Stark on the iconic show, said he was “glad” about the Purple Wedding death.

This famous scene saw the death of probably one of the most hated characters on television, Joffrey who is portrayed by Irish actor, Jack Gleeson.

Sean spoke about what how brilliant Jack was on the show but, he’s “glad” that the character is finally gone.

“He was brilliant, that kid. He’s a fantastic actor, and he really got people’s backs up, which, I guess that’s what was required of the character. He certainly pulled that off. But, what can I say? I’m glad he’s dead!”