What you need to do after exercising

We all know the benefits of going to the gym and keeping up a well-balanced exercise regime – your body will be toned and strong and your mental health will benefit too.

However, while we know the types of exercise we should do, it’s the ‘after’ part that causes confusion.

After you work out, you need to make sure you help your body repair itself, especially if you’re taking part in vigorous training.

Here’s the science bit: during training, muscle proteins are broken down and your carbohydrate and electrolyte levels are decreased. In order to help your body repair itself, you need to treat your muscles to enough nourishment so they can keep up with your exercise demands.  

You’ll need to consume carbohydrates, proteins and up your fluid intake. High-quality proteins like whey and soy will aid muscle repair and relieve any soreness. Many people treat themselves to a whey milkshake after exercising and there are some nice flavours available.

So, if you are planning on upping your exercising regime make sure you stock your cupboards full of carbohydrate and protein shakes, electrolyte drinks and protein bars.