What word would you use to describe your boobs?

When it comes to your boobs, what is the one word that you would use to describe them?

CoppaFeel! founder Kris Hallenga wanted to find out what exactly the people of the UK thought about their breasts and so took to the streets to ask that very question. Unsurprisingly, Kris found that most of their responses were about size.

However, there is a reason why she is asking ladies about their assets, she wants us to know what is normal for us so that we can spot any changes straight away.

Kris was diagnosed with breast cancer at the  age of 23 and she is currently at stage four of the disease – the most advanced stage.

CoppaFeel! wants women to get to know their breasts so that they will know what is normal for them and therefore have a greater chance of discovering any changes pretty quickly.

So cop a feel and get to know your boobs.