What is the actual cost of being single?


New research has found that being single costs €2,279 more a year than being in a relationship.

Apparently rent, bills and tax are to blame for the discrepancy. Dave Quinn from Investwise.ie says:

“The main reason is that you can split bills in half, without actually using that much extra gas or electricity.”

The average couple also have savings of up to €7,488 while single people don’t even have half that at €2,496.

Ugh, this is SO unfair! But then again, at least we don’t have to worry about getting told off for our spending. Dave Quinn of Investwise.ie said that one of the reasons married people have more money, is because they have someone to answer to if they go on a crazed spending spree: “When you’re married, suddenly you’re accountable to your other half for your spending, so you’re less likely to go buy that iPad or pair of designer shoes.”

See? We may not have as much money, but we probably have more stuff, so that’s something!