What do your doodles tell people about you?

Many a budding talent was first discovered in the cluttered margins of notebook pages, dating all the way back to Da Vinci. While absent-minded scribbling may not be a fine art in itself, it’s a habit common to most people – even those without artistic leanings. But what are your doodles saying about you?

Geometric Cubes


Patterns of bars, squares, cubes and other geometric shapes are the sign of “an organized brain” according to Anna Koren, a professional handwriting expert. They also show clear thought processes, good planning skills and efficiency.

Dark Doodles

doodle-2-lg (1)

If the shape is drawn dark and with a firm hand, Koren says these kinds of weird abstract shapes can indicate tension, difficulty concentrating or an inconsistent, sentimental personality.



Draw people? You’re probably a people person. If they look nice, Koren says that you’re someone who sees the positive in people and situations, is optimistic, friendly and enjoys being around others. Sad faces indicate… well, you get the picture.

Funny Faces


These types of faces indicate a lack of trust, rebelliousness or defensive feelings. It’s possible they see everybody as a potential threat to them and have a hard time letting their walls down.



This person is moving on up! Arrows show ambition, drive and movement towards a goal. This person can only see ahead, makes plans and is confident of their imminent success.
A hopeless romantic at heart, often this person thinks about love and finding it or about their significant other. Even when they’re not conscience of what their hand is doing, a heart is the first thing they naturally draw. This person is kind and giving, making space for people in their life even when they don’t necessarily have it to give.

Repeated Shapes


Just like the Energizer Bunny, these people keep going and going and going. Drawing the same shape over and over indicates patience, persistence and the ability to concentrate.

Name Drawing

Drawing someone else’s name is an indication of attachment to that person (hence the primary school crushes). Drawing your own name suggests that you are confident, sure of yourself and also put a very high value on your individuality. If your name is always written the same, you are a person who’s not comfortable with change and can be fearless as well as dauntless. If the way you write your name is constantly changing then you are open to reinventing yourself and socially can be very easy to be around. Others feel comfortable including you to any situation.
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