What irritates you about your partner? Irish couples open up!

Moving in with your other half is always going to take a bit of adjustment, especially when it comes to dividing up household chores.

Irish people have opened up about their domestic grievances as part of a new survey by Stork Margarine, and the results definitely make us feel a bit calmer about our own kitchen arguments!

The survey, commissioned as part of Stork’s Easter Baking Campaign, asked Irish men and women about their partners' annoying kitchen habits – from not tidying up to looking over their shoulder as they cook.

A whopping 40% of adults said that their partner's habit of "not cleaning up properly" after using the kitchen was their biggest gripe. We're taking note here!

23% of men admitted to getting irritated from "backseat cooking" by their partner, while 20% said that seeing their partner get stressed while cooking or baking was also a tad annoying.

As for women, one in four hated seeing a lack of gratefulness from their other halves after an evening spent cooking or baking.

Despite their pet hates, Irish men and women are generally confident in the kitchen, with 66% of ladies scoring their baking skills as a 7/10 or over, versus 44% of men. Not bad!

When it comes to our kitchen heartthrobs, Irish women rated Donal Skehan, Paul Hollywood and Michel Roux as their tastiest picks, while men were tempted by Nigella Lawson, Rachel Allen and Lorraine Pasquale.

​For more results, plus some great Easter recipes, check out www.bakewithstork.com.

Happy baking!