Westlife’s Nicky Byrne loves the ‘shrooms!

Westlife star turned radio DJ Nicky Byrne is heading a campaign to encourage more Irish people to use more home-grown mushrooms in their cooking.

The ‘Just Add Mushrooms’ campaign aims to support mushroom farmers throughout Ireland, and Nicky says that his years with Westlife encouraged him to make healthy eating a priority:

“Being on tour with Westlife taught me the importance of a healthy balanced diet, which is something I’ve tried to pass on to my children. It can be hard to get them to eat vegetables sometimes, but mushrooms are very popular in our household, the kids just love them.

“I try to get the whole family involved when I cook with mushrooms, and now that the weather is getting warmer I’ll be trying out some of our favourite BBQ recipes.”

We’ll make sure to shop Irish from now on!