We just found *the* dream job, and it involves weddings and DOGS

If there's two things we love in this world it's dogs and weddings (pizza comes in somewhere too, obvs).

Unfortunately for most of us, neither of those things will ever be incorporated into our working lives.

But now, a woman named Veronica Silva had trouble finding a dog sitter when she was getting married, and feared that her beloved pet would end up alone on her big day.

In the end, the bride couldn't find anyone to mind her precious pup… so she came up with a very smart business idea.


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Dog sitting at weddings.

Veronica set up her own company Pawfect For You, and we think it's the dreamiest job in the world.

She takes care of everything that the pet needs on the day, from transport, to cleaning, feeding and everything in between.

Speaking the HuffPost, Veronica said: "I was trying to find a pet sitting service that would take care of our dog on our wedding day, but would also bring JakeBear to the church and venue to be in some of our pictures.


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“I didn’t want to ask one of our friends, since they were all part of our wedding.

“I love this, being able to go to couples’ special events where they’re already ecstatic and in a wonderful mood. Having their pet there elates them more.”

Dogs and weddings? Does it get any better?