We can’t take any more: is another celebrity couple about to break-up?

Just earlier this week Iggy Azalea was making sure her ex-boyfriend A$AP Rocky was completely behind her when she had the tattoo of his name removed from her arm.

But apparently, this isn’t the only relationship Iggy is trying to move on from. Reports are saying that the music star has already called of her engagement to U.S basketball star Nick Young.

Rumours are circulating that Nick cheated on Iggy with a former MTV presenter Donatella Panayioto. And no, Iggy is apparently not impressed.

The presenter is claiming that she and Nick were together just a month before he got together with Iggy and Nick and Donatella continued to see each other for another eight months. Uh-oh, that’s not good.

An insider has told Star magazine that “Iggy feels absolutely betrayed by Nick.”

However, the betrayal isn’t deep enough that Iggy is willing to banish all reminders of Nick from her life.

The source went on to say that for the time being, “Iggy’s keeping the rock he gave her.” The rock in question is a 10.43ct diamond worth some €450,000.


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Yes, despite being “humiliated” by the rumours, Iggy still feels like “Nick owes her,” so she’s keeping the jewellery he presented her with not so long ago.


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Iggy has never been a celebrity who keeps silent for too long, so while there hasn’t been any comment about the rumours from her camp just yet, we imagine it won’t be long before the singer and twerking aficionado addresses the reports.