Wanted: ‘Gorgeous, hardworking men with a great bottom’


Butlers in the Buff is coming to Ireland, and they’re looking for recruits.

They are the world’s first naked butler company, and they come to your venue and serve you and your friends in nothing but a bow tie, cuffs, and an apron that shows their bum.


The company will be holding Skype interviews on Friday, and like the rest of us, they’re looking for “gorgeous, hardworking men with a great bottom”.

“We have quite a rigorous application process. They have to send in photographs which we have to vet.

“And then they fill in a form to test their personality. We want fun guys who are able to have a bit of conversation and banter with people.

“We want them to be well presented. As long as they keep themselves in great shape and have a bit of personality.

“It does what it says on the tin. We've expanded quite a lot and Dublin is the next place where we need more guys.

“It [the job] is perfect for earning extra income. We've got lots of people who work for us who have a day job and this fits in really nicely. They earn €30 per hour so it's quite lucrative.”

Hmmm… know anyone who might be interested?!