Victoria Beckham has some EPIC advice for all mums of the world


We take absolutely anything that Victoria does to be genius, so naturally anything she says we consider to be total wisdom. 

And this week Victoria had a few inspirations words to share from one mother to…. well her 9.1 million Instagram followers. 

"Teach your daughters to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings," read the empowering image shared by the mum-of-four. 


#inspire #empower #dreambig X vb

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Yep, Victoria wants mums of the world to stop filling their kids' heads with fairytales and instead teach them all the ways they can change the world. 

And if anyone has the right to share these words, it's Vic herself. 

Not only has Victoria been a member of the greatest girl group of all time but she has singlehandedly constructed her very own fashion empire, totally revamped the public's perception of her and has generally personified the longstanding meaning of 'girl power'.

And she managed all this whilst maintaining a happy marriage and being a mother to four kids. 

However, husband David has revealed that being a mum is not always a walk in the park. Poor Vic is struggling watching Brooklyn grow up. 

"I think it’s easier for me than his mum, you know? To see her little boy go out and date," said David to Glamour Magazine. 

"For mums, I think it’s slightly more difficult with the boys, but obviously once Harper starts, then I don’t even want to think about that at the moment."

Ah, they grow up so fast!