Upsetting drama for X Factor contestants


The X Factor is famed for its back stories, right? We always get an insight into the lives of the contestants and this year is no different. Finalist group Blonde Electra have spoken out about their religious upbringing and the love-hate relationship they have with their seventy-four-year-old father.

Jazzy and Ruby share initimate details of their early family life saying: “We lived nine years in the Ukraine without running water. We weren't allowed to listen to music- no TV. Our dad is very religious and he's got his own crazy ideologies. He's not happy about [The X Factor]. He writes us these crazy emails saying, 'Repent' and that we're sinners.”

With reports emerging that finalists are threatening to walk out of the X Factor house amid claims of the producer's overbearing rules and regulations, it certainly sounds like the girls are experiencing pressure both on and off screen.

The American-born siblings are currently in rehearsal for Saturday night's first live show and despite their rocky relationship, the girls hope to make their father proud. “We hope that by doing a really good performance on the show, we hope to show him that this is what we wanted to do.”

Hopefully the girls will be able to establish a happier relationship with their father in the future.