TV stars shock fans as they reveal ‘we actually ended up together’


Former Scrubs star Zach Braff sent his fans into a frenzy when he tweeted a photo of himself and his former co-star, Sarah Chalke.

The pair played on-screen couple Elliot and JD in the long-running comedy so when Zach tweeted their night out, fans were bound to get excited. Always the joker, Zach took things one step further and wrote: “Guys, we actually ended up together.”

Unfortunately, the actor followed this revelation up with “#jokedontmakeherhusbandmadatme” crushing all of our dreams that JD and Elliot actually ended up together. 

Zach is still firm friends with co-star, Donald Faison and the pair really are the original 'bromance' with Zach often posting sweet snaps of Donald's son, Rocco.

Donald is currently expecting another child with his wife, Cacee Cobb so we're sure the pair are glad to have an extra pair of hands in the house!