TOWIE star Lauren Goodger ‘cries everyday’ as she waits for arrival of baby no.2


Former The Only Way is Essex star Lauren Goodger is currently nine months pregnant with her second child and has opened up about suffering pregnancy insomnia and being ‘in so much pain’ she ‘cries everyday’.

The 35-year-old has taken to her Instagram stories to share how she’s coping with being ready to give birth any day now.

With a short clip of her almost falling asleep, Lauren wrote, “9 months pregnant no sleep for days (pregnancy insomnia) and a 11 month old… on my own again today while daddy at work… the most rewarding thing but hardest I’ve ever done!”.

Credit: Instagram

She continued, “It’s not just the sleep deprivation.. It’s the lifting carrying, constantly on the go on my feet with a massive bump. I am in agony, the pressure my whole pelvis is going to snap. “I can’t wait to tell my kids about these days”.

“I’m so tired I don’t know how I am going get through day 300… I have no energy to even drink water honestly, that's even a chore!”.

In another video of her showing her blossoming baby bump, Goodger penned, “I literally cannot walk the stairs are the devil… I’m in so much pain… I do cry everyday but I’m so happy at the same time. I wouldn’t change it and I hope these stories help someone else”.

Credit: Instagram

“Little things are massive things, even going to the toilet. No I can hold that in another hour…”.

“Larose is climbing, standing, nearly walking. I am not as fast as her… I do not get 5 minutes to watch tele or make a call or any sort of jobs I need to do… then there’s cleaning. I have to do 24/7. “I just can’t do it today… my only focus is Larose, it’s a full time job”.

Lauren welcomed Larose into the world in July 2020 with Charles Drury. The reality television star announced she was expecting the pair’s second daughter in January of this year.

Lauren later revealed that she plans on having a natural home birth as she did with Larose, which should be happening very soon!