Tori Spelling rushed to hospital with severe burns


Tori Spelling has undergone emergency surgery at the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills, California following an accident involving a hot grill at a Japanese restaurant.

The American actress was celebrating easter with her family at the restaurant when she tripped and fell onto a sizzling hot grill which is used to prepare food in front of customers.

A source has told the Daily Mail how “Tori had been laughing and having fun with her family at Easter brunch when she got up to leave and tripped, falling backwards onto a scorching hot grill. She shouted in pain from a large burn on the back of her right arm.”

​Tori returned home with her family where she tried to ease the pain without worrying her children.

The following day she went to the hospital and was sent to the Grossman Burn Center to undergo surgery.

The source said: “Tori’s doctor determined she had a severe burn and suggested they remove the damaged skin and graft skin from another area of the body.”

“She questioned if it was absolutely necessary but the doctors said she risked severe infection and scarring if she didn’t act right away.”

The star is now recovering from the skin graft that she underwent last week.