Twitter can’t stop laughing at this woman’s “Day On a Plate”

We're all for clean eating, especially this month, but some people can take it too far.

As part of an interview with The Telegraph, juice company founder Kara Rosen was asked to document her "day on a plate" by listing what she ate and when over 24 hours. Her answers were, well… pretty grim.

Kara eats only "scrambled egg whites" for breakfast, but insists she's never liked the yolks anyway. Lunch? Salad leaves with avocado… and two rice cakes as she always "craves something carby at lunch."

It has to be Kara's dinner that takes the (gluten-free, sugar-free) biscuit though: "kale salad with pistachios, olives, dried cherries, argan oil and a drop of apple-cider vinegar." Delish.

After one reader posted the article on Twitter, cynics were quick to post their own "days on a plate":

We hope this inspires poor Kara to treat herself every once in a while!