This is not a DRILL! You can now buy a melted CHEESE glue gun

OK, try not to panic, but the gods have sent us the greatest gift of all time – and it involves melted cheese (of course).


Make your dreams come true with the Fondoodler, the hot glue gun for cheese.

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The Fondoodler (excellent choice of name, tbh) is a very special gun-like contraption, that functions just like a hot glue gun.


You've never made a taco this good 

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The difference here is that, instead of sticks of glue, the Fondoodler melts sticks of CHEESE.



Cheese your crackers

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According to the Fondoodler's website, you will have melted cheese within three minutes of removing the device from the box. 

I have tears of joy. 


Let them eat cheese #fondoodler #cheesecreation

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This life-changing device will set you back just $25 (around €23), which is a small price to pay for true happiness.

Thank you, Cheesus!