This handy device will turn fruit into BOOZE with just one button

Are you a cider connoisseur, or just looking for an exciting new hobby?

Well, we suggest you start brewing your own beverages, with the help of a handy new contraption.  

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The Alchema is a home cider-making system that connects to your smartphone for easy use. Welcome to the future, ladies. 

The brewing process is beyond simple and can all be done through the Alchema App. 

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You simply have to choose a recipe via the app, wait for auto-sanitisation, add all your ingredients, and wait about a week. 

You will get a notification on your phone letting you know when your cider is ready to pop in the fridge and enjoy!

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Now, as you can imagine, this invention does not come cheap, but if you are into cider-making, The Alchema will set you back €430.

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Pretty expensive, but also pretty darn cool.

The choice is yours.