This guy just did the craziest thing EVER to get on The Ellen Show

A Polish YouTuber who is completely obsessed with Ellen DeGeneres made it his life's mission to get on The Ellen Show.

Lucas Jacobiak made his dream a reality in a very unorthodox way, and we're beyond impressed.

Lucas built an exact replica of the set from scratch, an endeavour which took him three years, and hired an Ellen impersonator to star in the video as the talk show host.

Things get even more confusing, as in his interview with the fake Ellen, the pair discuss how the creation of the very video you are watching is what got him on the show.

The video shows him excitedly telling his mum he’s been invited to the show.

It then focuses on his journey to Los Angeles, and then the interview with Ellen herself. Well, the Ellen impersonator.

"The time has come. The project of my life," he captioned an Instagram snap.

"I have worked on it for over three years to make my dream come true and be a guest at Ellen's DeGeneres show. If I really want something I work hard for it and this time was no different."

"I know I went for broke but it was worth it. Why @theellenshow ? Because she is the most courageous person in the world!"

Lucas is a motivational speaker, and hoped to use the video to prove the power of visualisation.

By physically visualising his dream, he hopes to make it a reality.

How could the real Ellen not take notice? We're expecting to see him on The Ellen Show ASAP.