This clip shows just how awkward sex scenes are behind the camera!

Watching steamy sex scenes in films can be awkward enough when your mum/dad/nana walks into the room at the wrong moment. If you think that's bad, imagine how cringey they must be for the actors themselves?!

This sliiightly NSFW behind-the-scenes clip from the comedy action flick Stretch starring Patrick Wilson and Brooklyn Decker shows just how un-sexy those scenes can be to film. Shudder. 

As viewers all we are privy to is the few takes that make it to the big screen, carefully edited to make things look as passionate as possible. We don't get to see the 15 other people in the room, the constant spraying of water to make the actors look like they're sweating, or the no-holds-barred feedback after every take. 

Just another reason we're not cut out to be mega-famous actresses. You can take back the Oscar, we don't want it any more!