This celeb is taking Ebola paranoia to the next level!


TV host Jonathan Ross is terrified about the threatened Ebola outbreak, and he's not taking any chances.

Appearing on Loose Women, Jonathan revealed that he now has a stock pile of medical equipment at home in case the disease reaches British shores. He doesn't seem to have mentioned this to his wife however.

"I was opening up boxes downstairs and there were some surgical masks and gloves, first of all (my wife) thought ‘OK, we’re not playing that game!’”

"I bought that, I got that and I’ve also got hand gel, just to be safe.

"We are just up the road from the Royal Free Hospital if it starts to spread… I’d rather have it than not have it.”

The chat show host has no worries about wearing surgical masks in the street, putting safety above appearances.

“Yes what’s the worst..? You’re going to look a bit silly, so what?” he replied. “Wouldn’t you rather look a bit silly?”

"Even me coming on with this flu bug, I’m happy to be here, thrilled to be here but am trying not to touch anyone because it’s so easy to spread stuff.”

"You don’t want to make people ill and this is only going to give you a few bad days but that could end it all.”