This cancelled show has been brought back for another series!

After years of campaigning by fans, the cancelled series Veronica Mars is coming back on our screens – our computer screens that is.

The new series is called Play it Again, Dick, and won’t be quite the same as before.

The show is coming back as a series of webisodes, and will be half Veronica Mars, half the campaign to bring back Veronica Mars. Creator Rob Thomas has described it as being like a crossover with his other show, Party Down, and is expected to have a mockumentary vibe.

All of the Veronica Mars cast have returned for the new series, and will be playing not only their usual characters but a warped comedic version of the selves.

Kirsten Bell will star as Veronica Mars (and Kirsten Bell), while Ryan Hanson will reprise his role as Dick Casablancas, and as Ryan Hanson trying to revive his career by having a Veronica Mars spinoff.

It seems a bit complicated so far, but we’re sure that it will be as clever and funny as the original series, if more meta.

The series wil air on CWSeed on September 15th.