This BIZARRE dining concept caused total outrage on Twitter!

Ever wondered what you’d have for your last meal? We probably all have, but one London restaurant took the question a bit too far with a very morbid dining idea.

Pop-up restaurant Death Row Dinners uses images of prison inmates with menus hanging around their necks, with the slogan “eat like it’s your last meal on Earth.”

The restaurant is set to open for four weeks during October and November in London. The organisers had no problem admitting that the £50-a-head (€63) menu was inspired by what death row inmates had chosen to eat as their last meal before execution. 

The announcement of COURSE caused Twitter to unite in outrage. Most people were understandably sickened by the idea:

Though one or two did have a morbid interest in the whole concept:

The pop-up’s organinsers have since released an apologetic statement saying they are “considering their next steps.”

Hmmm… when it comes to controversial restaurant choices, McDonald’s is bad enough for us, thanks!