There’s a whole Tumblr community dedicated to shoplifting hauls


When we do something exciting or out of our comfort zone, it's only natural we'd want to brag about it a little.

That's totally fine – as long as the thing we're doing isn't illegal.

A whistle-blower blogger caused a storm earlier this year when she posted a list of Tumblr sites specifically dedicated to shoplifting. Despite the controversy, the trend seems to have gotten worse than ever – though many of the "lifters" now claim they are just role-playing or pretending. "I post things I purchase with my own money and claim that they were stolen," one poster said on her page. "It’s nothing more than a fun hobby."

Not only do the users post cutely arranged pictures of their stolen goods, but they also offer specific tips and tricks for shoplifting in specific stores. It's all very Bling Ring!

One user, called Lift-witch, wrote a 1,700 word piece about how to steal most efficiently from Topshop, with tips like, "There will be at least one flight of stairs that is 100% unmonitored so you can slip small items like underwear and makeup even jewellery into an open bag here."


Some of the shoplifters steal for their own personal use, while others steal to sell or swap items with others.

"Here’s my haul for today,” said one Tumbler user. “The total is about $2,613. Hopefully I can sell some and make some monaay.” 

This is a very worrying trend – we hope there's a crackdown soon!