There may be custody settlement problems for Lauren Silverman and Andrew Silverman

There may be custody settlement problems for this duo


Just when we thought that Simon Cowell and the mother of his first child had it all figured out, a close source revealed that the couple might have a few ups and downs when the baby arrives.

Lauren Silverman, who is almost due to give birth to the mega TV producer’s child, has recently finalised her divorce from Andrew Silverman.

What might seem like a relief to Simon, will possibly be a nightmare for him as a clause in custody settlement says he can’t be near Silverman’s child.

Seven year old Adam is Lauren’s first boy with Andrew, but it looks like they won’t be playing happy families when the new born arrives.

A reliable source said: “She wants to move to Miami, where her parents live, but she can’t because her son lives [in New York]. And she can’t take Adam out of the state, per her custody agreement.”

To make things worse, Simon might have to pay a $50,000 penalty if he is seen anywhere near Adam. This agreement is due to end in January 2015, but it’s still a long time to finally introduce Adam to his step-brother.

Looks like it won’t be a walk in the park for these two.