The most excited people at Ariana Grande’s gig? These 3 grown men!


We know that Ariana Grande has some pretty mental superfans, but generally they are all a bit younger than this… and female, too!

The singer posted an absolutely hilarious Instagram video of three grown men shrieking with excitement as the camera panned to them at one of her US concerts earlier this week:


A video posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

So funny!

We so, so wanted this footage to be real but it turns out the three guys in question are the brains behind comedy film company FND Films, so we're going to have to assume it wasn't 100% authentic!

The three lads, Aaron Fronk, Vinny DeGaetano, and Cooper Johnson, seem to be fairly pally with Ariana – on their own Instagram account they shared this snap of them posing with her after the show in a photobooth.


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​The picture was captioned, "omfg rofl bffs" …our thoughts exactly!