The key stages of every Friday in work


It's the same every week. As soon as Wednesday rolls around, you're begging for the sweet embrace of the weekend. By Thursday, Friday and those weekend lie-ins are so close you can almost taste them.

Finally, Friday dawns, and all of a sudden you realise you still have a whole day of work to go through before you can finally make a bolt for freedom.

Here are the key stages we all go through on the last day of the working week…

1. Enduring one final early morning
The thought that tonight you won't even NEED to set an alarm is the only thing that gets you out of bed. Just get up, get to work and get through the day.

2. Spending the first hour of work chatting about weekend plans
"Up to much tonight?" is the question of the moment in the office kitchen. Secretly you don't really care what anyone's doing because all you're thinking about is the fact that it's nearly the WEEKEND!

3. Eating all the treats, because… Friday.
Monday to Thursday you're the salad queen but today is your Cupcake Day and nobody is taking that away from you. And if you want a Spar hot chicken roll for lunch, who's gonna stop you?

4. Rushing through your work in the morning
You're flying through those emails, driven on by the fact that you'll be free in a few short hours

5. Running out of steam and pushing everything til Monday
ALL of these annoying spreadsheets can be dealt with on Monday. Your brain is in Friday mode now which mainly consists of boredom and Saturday night outfit planning. WHEN WILL IT BE HOME TIME?

6. The seemingly endless three hours after lunch
How is it only 2.30pm? Three whole hours until you can clock out? This is cruelty.

7. Being ready to go from 4pm
Right, it's practically the weekend, time to reward yourself for a hard week's work by catching up on some Kardashian gossip and Facebook stalking.

8. Bolting out the door at the first acceptable second
4.58pm… 4.59pm… Run! Freedom, sweet freedom!