The easiest skin detox you’ll ever read about

If your skin is acting up on you lately it is probably crying out for a good detox. Now, while many people shudder when they hear the D–word, for fear of living on a diet of lemon water for a week, there is no need for quaking with this detox.

This is probably one of the easiest detoxes you’ll read about and you can do it over two days:

Clean your face
First things first, you’ve got to clean the make-up off your face. Bet you feel better already?! Now, no make-up for two days.

Drink herbal tea
For two days ditch your coffee and tea for something a little more herbal. You can pick one up in a health food shop.

Have a massage
Massage your lymph node areas – neck, armpit and behind your knees to stimulate natural healing.

Facial time
On one of your two days you need to have a facial to properly absorb excess oil.

What to eat
For the next two days enjoy a mix of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein avoiding alcohol and any processed foods. Basically avoid anything that comes from a tin.

Cut down on products
Cut down on your products. You are trying to clear your skin so that last thing you want to do is apply more toxins and chemicals to your skin.