The Coffee Trend Millennials Love


Life today is all about social media. People are constantly on the prowl for stunning picture opportunities. They love to share their lives, their special moments and yes, their food and drink experiences with the world. Instagram is simply filled with food and drink images taken in restaurants, cafes, pubs and even on the street.

So it comes as no surprise that the appearance of food and drinks has become almost as important as their taste. Social marketing is a huge trend in restaurants, cafes and pubs. They try their best to encourage customers to post their dishes and beverages to social media, and adjust them accordingly.

Millennials, also known as generation Y, are a major force in this new, appearance driven dining culture. Currently in their 20s and 30s, they dedicate a huge share of their income to food and beverage purchases and are projected to be the biggest spenders in the market over the next ten years.

Millennials are avid social media users. More than 90% of Millennials in the US own a smartphone and more than 80% have a social media account. They have been using social media for over a decade. That’s why it takes a lot to impress them. Images shared on social media need to be unique, eye-catching and entertaining. This is where the latest trend in the restaurants and cafe world enters – Ripples by

Ripples use natural extracts to print almost any imaginable image or message on coffee, beer, cocktails and any other foam-based drink. You can even get your selfie printed on your coffee. Millennials especially love this new trend and go to social media to show their enthusiasm. Pinterest and Instagram are filled with images of people drinking coffee Ripples, and cups of coffee with a selfie printed on them.

Every second of every day, more than 26,000 cups of coffee are consumed around the world. The use of the Ripples coffee printer adds a little something extra to the experience of the avid coffee drinker, in the form of a cool picture, funny message, or even a personalized selfie. Businesses are using Ripples to delight their customers and create a unique, imaginative, and memorable customer experience, helping them to get the exposure they need on social media. The customers are happy to post to social media, as they love the innovation and novelty of this new technology. Everybody wins and has fun in the process.


This trend has reached the shores of Ireland and you can find Coffee Ripples in many locations around the country. If beer is more your thing you’ll be happy to know that Guinness and Ripples created the Stoutie – a Guinness pint with a selfie printed on it. It can be found in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.