The best movies and TV series coming to Netflix this month

Netflix is keeping us entertained during lock-down and we'd truly be lost (and very bored) without it. We've been binge watching everything and anything from Tiger King to The Stranger and even old episodes of Gossip Girl.

The streaming service is set to add heaps of new movies and series to the platform this April. And trust us, we're in for a treat. We've picked out the best of the best so happy watching!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (April 1)

The John Hughes classic starring Matthew Broderick is bound to lift your spirits.

The Breakfast Club (April 10)

Don't you forget about me! Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez and Ally Sheedy star in the ultimate coming-of-age movie.

Love Wedding Repeat (April 10)

Alternate versions of the same wedding unfold as Jack (Sam Claflin) tries to make sure his little sister has the perfect wedding day.

Babe (April 10)

A childhood classic that will take you back to happier, easier times.

Peaky Blinders: Season 5 (April 22)

Season 5 sees the world thrown into turmoil by the financial crash of 1929. Opportunity and misfortune are everywhere.

After Life: Season 2 (April 24)

Can journalist Tony (Ricky Gervais) remain positive as the newspaper he works for faces closure?