The 3 most unusual places to have a drink


Nothing beats sipping a delicious cocktail while on holiday, but these places may give your normal destinations a run for their money.

Subsix in the Maldives
Subsix is the world’s first ever underwater club. Not only is it located 19 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean, it also boasts a 300-label wine list.

Icebar in Sweden
You can enjoy a cold beer 124 miles north of the Arctic Circle. You won’t want to forget your gloves at this bar as everything is made from ice.

Boabab Tree Bar in South Africa
This bar is located in the largest baobab tree in the world. The tree has a hollow centre and the van Heerden family thought this was the perfect setting for a narrow pub. It even has a sound system installed.

Vernadsky Station Lounge in Antarctica
This is the world’s most southern bar and is the only place to get a drink in Antarctica. It’s not even that pricey – you can order homemade vodka shots for just $3.