Teenage throwback – no awkward stage for this star!


We like to keep our teenage photos hidden safely away at the bottom of the wardrobe, only bringing them out for Facebook revenge after one of our so called friends posts a snap circa 2004 captioned: “WHAT were we wearing?! So funny! Hahaha!”

Hahaha, indeed.


Well, it’s clear Reece Witherspoon doesn’t have the same problem, as she voluntarily posted a teenage throwback snap and proved that there was no awkward stage for her. No sir.

Fifteen-year-old Reece was on the set of the 1991 film Wildflower in this photo. It was only her second ever movie, but she had plenty more to come – not to mention an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Walk The Line, and she’s rumoured to be up for an Oscar this year for her upcoming film Wild too. That said, she will always be Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods to us – it’s a classic!

Just look at that hair, and that relaxed pose. Not even a hint of teenage angst, or an over indulgence in eyeliner! How DID she do it?!