Taylor Swift’s cat jumps in the bath – and what follows is priceless

Oh lord, do we love Taylor Swift.

The star is about as well known for her love of her pet cats as she is for her hit songs, so her fans will no doubt be as amused as we are by her latest video.

When the 22 singer’s pet cat Olivia jumped into the bath, there was nothing else for Taylor to do but to help her dry off – with a hairdryer.

Thankfully, Taylor’s friend Abigail Anderson was on hand to capture the hilarious incident on video, and shared on her Instagram account.


A video posted by Abigail Anderson (@abigail_lauren) on

While we can barely handle the hilarity of the scene, we just love Taylor’s commentary to go with it.

“You’re real embarrassed, aren’t you?” quips the star, as adorable Olivia looks utterly confused.

Hands-down the best thing we’ve seen all day.