Super foods that increase brain power

It’s easy to lose concentration as the day progresses. You might feel like you aren’t able to concentrate as well as you did that morning and in some cases, you’ll find yourself becoming more forgetful.

Eating the right foods can improve your body physically and mentally. To boost your energy levels and brain power, check out a few foods that you can nibble on to keep you going:

Carrots contain a substance called luteolin, which helps with memory loss. As well as being good for your eyes, they are also great for brain health. Carry a packet of carrot sticks the next time you’re out and about.

Berries are known to reduce the chances of dementia. Blueberries in particular help increase your memory power for longer periods of time. They’re great to have with yoghurt or cereal.

Pumpkin seeds
The high levels of zinc in pumpkin seeds means you will have better thinking skills and an enhanced memory. Never a bad idea to carry a few of these around with you.