Stuck in a rut? Try these workout motivation tips!

Apparently it takes three weeks of doing something for it to become a habit. With that logic, if you can get your bum off the couch and out to the gym regularly for at least 21 days, it’ll soon become a breeze! Sometimes though, the last thing we want to do on a cold day is force ourselves to leave the house, no matter how much we want that bikini body ready for next summer.

Here are a few tips to motivate you when you’re really not feeling in the mood for exercise…

Prepare, prepare, prepare
If you’re running late or you get delayed in work, the easy way out is to say “well, I can just go to that hot yoga/spinning/Zumba class tomorrow.” We’re onto you! Try to have your gym gear packed and ready to go the night before, along with a snack to eat en route. It’s far harder to talk yourself out of exercising when your gear bag is staring you in the face.

Be an early bird
It’s no simple feat to get out of bed an hour earlier when it’s dark outside and you’re 99% sure that you’re the ONLY person in Ireland awake right now. But if you can fit in your workout before heading to the office or to college, you won’t regret it. You’ll feel fresh and focused all day and you’ll fly through your work. Also, the thought of an evening jog in the rain isn’t hanging over you all day. You’re free!

Train with a pal
Many people like to exercise by themselves, but even if you’re not going to be doing the same workout routine, knowing that someone is relying on you to meet them at the gym or running track will make it a lot harder to back out at the last minute. You might even find that you bounce off each other well and motivate one another to work harder!

Turn up the beat
If you find you’re getting bored during your workout, try updating your iPod with loads of new music before you next hit the gym. It’s amazing how much of a push you’ll feel when your “power song” comes on. We recommend anything by Beyoncé!

Treat yourself
Temptation is a great motivator! Try planning something fun to do after the gym this evening like a trip to the cinema or catching up with a friend. Or, promise yourself that if you keep your workout routine up ‘til payday, you’ll splurge on that Topshop dress. Whatever works for you!