Stop everything! The Little Rascals cast have reunited!


Well, if you’d like to feel very, very old right now, keep reading. The Little Rascals came out 20 years ago this year, and the cast have just reunited to recreate some of the film’s iconic moments. And… well… they're not little anymore!

Back in 1994, Spanky, Alfalfa and co. introduced us all to the legendary “He-Man Woman Hater’s Club,” and if you’re the nostalgic type you’ll still remember all the best bits! All together, “I have two pickles, I have two pickles…”

The entire cast got together to rekindle the film’s original poster, as tweeted today by Blake McIver, who played rich snob Waldo in the film:

Bug Hall (Alfalfa) and Travis Tedford (Spanky) were even bold enough to recreate the Nutcracker scene. Awww!

We’ve a sudden urge to go root out our old videos from the attic now!