The late Stephen Gately’s family have “unanswered questions”


The family of the late Stephen Gately are planning a new probe into the circumstances surrounding his death.

The Boyzone singer was found dead in an apartment in Majorca in 2009, at the age of 33. It is believed he died from natural causes after a build up of fluid on his lungs caused a heart attack – but his younger brother Tony says the family never received a full explanation from Stephen's partner Andrew Cowles. 

"Only two people know what went on the night he died," Tony told The Sun. "They are his husband Andrew and a Bulgarian guy, Giorgio, who was invited to their apartment. Neither of them have fully explained to me what happened."

Stephen was found slumped on the couch in the holiday apartment he and Andrew shared while in Majorca. While out that night in gay club The Black Cat, they met the Bulgarian model Giorgio Dochev, and invited him home with them. Giorgio later revealed that Stephen had smoked cannabis on the evening of his death.

Stephen's family are now considering hiring a private investigator once a financial dispute with Andrew is settled. The Boyzone star, who never wrote a will, had assets totaling around €1.9 million, most of which will go to Andrew. But Tony says the family are not even being granted possession of treasured sentimental items like gifts, as Andrew has put a price on everything.

"There was a gold bracelet that our brother Mark got Stephen and his solicitor is now asking £7,000 (€8,800) for it," said Tony. "It only cost around £2,000 (€2,500) in the first place."

Thousands of fans attended Stephen's Dublin funeral in 2009, and his coffin was carried by his former band mates, after they travelled to Majorca to bring his body home with Andrew.