Stay hydrated with these foods

Busy schedules make it hard to get your six glasses of water a day. The good news is you don’t always have to drink your water. Believe it or not, you can also ‘eat’ it.

Here are some of the most hydrating foods you can eat.

This quench-your-thirst fruit is 90% water.

This refreshing summer veg contains 96.7% water – one of the highest of any solid food.

Yet another low-calorie green, this lightweight veg has a 95.4% water content.

Juicy tomatoes
This one isn’t very surprising is it? With a 94.5% water content, they are a great addition to a side salad.

Bell peppers
While all bell peppers generally have a good water content, the green ones lead the way with a 93.9%. Both the red and yellow have 92% water in them.

So don’t be so hard on yourself if you skipped a glass, grab one of these and you’ll be fine!