Starbucks are testing a Guinness flavoured latte

If you felt a bit sick even reading that, you are not alone.

Always one for experimenting with flavours, Starbucks has launched a new Dark Barrel Latte inspired by Irish stout such as Guinness.

Starbucks describe the new latte as a “blend of espresso, and chocolatey stout flavoured sauce and freshly steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and dark caramel drizzle.”

It's also available as a Frappuccino, but if you want something cold that tastes like Guinness, you could always, you know, drink some Guinness.

It's currently only available at a few locations in the US while they test its popularity, and the reaction on Twitter has been… mixed.

It looks like the Guinness Latte is a contender to be the next Marmite.