Stacey Solomon and Sophie Hinchliffe hit back at feud rumours

Stacey Solomon and Sophie Hinchliffe aka Mrs Hinch have responded to feud rumours in the best way possible.

The friends were hit with rift rumours after Stacey was accused of ‘copying’ her friend’s cleaning tips. 

The ridiculous rumours didn’t bother Stacey and Sophie, whose friendship has been growing from strength to strength since they met last year.


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Stacey hit back at the reports by posting a selfie of her and Sophie ahead of a night out. She wrote: “When they try to pit you against each other but there’s no gaps here for your cruel wedges.”

She added hashtags including #friendsbeforeb*****ds #taptotidy #hinching alongside the post.


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The mum-of-three stressed that female friendship is far more important: “Women supporting women is what it’s all about. Happy Sunday everyone.”

Stacey previously opened up about how important it is to celebrate friendship, especially for women. We are so often pitted against one another and compared to our peers. We need to focus on how valuable friendship actually is and stop tainting it for the sake of gossip.


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Speaking about becoming friends with Sophie, the Loose Women panellist said: “Some things are just meant to be…. I don’t know if this sounds silly but sometimes do you ever meet people in life and just feel like something else had a part to play in it? That no matter what paths you chose, somewhere, somehow you would have met them because it was meant to be.

"Whatever it is, fate, destiny I’m bloody over the moon about it @mrshinchhome.”