Spanish Skincare Range Anian

Spanish Skincare Range Anian launches in Ireland


During the cold winter months, your skin and hair need extra care to help minimise damage caused by the harsh conditions.

With this in mind, beauty conscious women will be thrilled to hear that award winning Spanish range Anian has recently been launched in Ireland.

Their antioxidant skin care collection is packed full of Goji Berries and Pomegranates along with a keratin infused hair care collection.

Not only do the berries have a proven antioxidant process, they are great at enhancing mental well-being, invoking calmness, improving your quality of sleep and promoting general feelings of good health.

The Goji Berry ingredient active in the  range will ensure skin is pumped full of moisture helping to give tired, busy women a much needed extra boost.

The skincare range is dermatologically tested and their ingredients use only the most nutritionally dense fruit to enhance and nourish skin. The range includes bath gel, body lotion, nourishing hand cream, cellulite reducer gel, facial cleansing gel, wrinkle cream and eye make-up remover wipes.

Not forgetting the hair, the Anian range also provides a nourishing hair care range that includes hair masque, keratin liquid, mousse and shampoo, that are all designed to protect the hair.